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“As a united force, our organizations are dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing cultural treasures. Our mission is to preserve and enrich the appreciation of these assets, making cultural heritage accessible and deeply significant. We work on a range of initiatives that strengthen the bridge between the past and the present, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations”

ArtCloud Network, with over thirty years of experience, excels in cultural marketing consultancy and design. Our current focus centers on architecture and technology for content design. Our ultimate goal is to generate ideas for improving the regional economy through the modernization of cultural heritage.

RealLife Television, a pioneer in the audiovisual and digital content industry, specializes in creating
and distributing video and TV content, including docu-films, 360° videos, and augmented reality. We also offer multilingual editing and comprehensive digital marketing services.

G Group International, a global leader in institutional events, specializes in designing and engineering expansive museum structures, both permanent and temporary. Collectively, our organizations are committed to the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, consistently delivering tailored and innovative solutions.